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Quarantine Playlist

  • Don't Dream It's Over - Here's a great 80's tune by Crowded House. I love that there are 2 of them playing in their PJs. - Video
  • Empty - Capo 2 - by Ray LaMontagne Video
  • Father And Son - Cat Stevens Video
  • Green Eyes - LiveStudio
  • Heart Of The Night - Poco - Video I used G shapes to accommodate Mark Branning's vocal range.
  • In A Little While - U2 - Video This song has a great Red Hot Chili Peppers/Stones-ish guitar line
  • Lodi - Disclaimer - I omitted the walk down on the 2nd and 3rd lines where they play Em to Em/D. The walk down progression continues after the modulation but John doesn't play the A to A/G#, probably because the fingering is pretty weird. Video
  • One Headlight - Video
  • Redemption Song - replace the old version with this. Video.
  • She Talks To Angels - Easy Open E tuning song by the Black Crowes. I didn't include the opening riffs in the chart. Check out the lesson below. I've also simplified the strum in the chart. Video
  • Tutorial Video. It's a long lesson so you might want to jump ahead to the strum at 11:00 after the tuning lesson at the top.. He then shows how to play B and A chords at 12:10. I also have a tutorial on my phone that I can text you.
  • Stuck In A Moment U2- StudioLive. He plays it in open E tuning but I've put it together with capo at the 4th fret
  • Two - Ryan Adams - Video
  • Who'll Stop The Rain (E) - Great story before the song. His son makes a boo boo at the end. The bridge is a little weird but it is in 4/4 time with a bunch of chords pushed. Lowered to the vocal friendly Mark Branning key of E. Video
  • Yellow - This song is in B but I put together a capo version using G as the root chord. I left off the 1st couple of measures of G (B for our bass players) - Video
  • Yesterday
  • You Are My Sunshine
Potluck Players

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