Potluck Players

Play List April 17, 2018

Beg, Steal, Borrow
It's Too Late (Clapton)
Linda Goes To Mars - This song is in D Major  Video
Stand By Me - This song is in A Major. A good strategy is to start and end your phrases on the root note  Video
Stormy Monday (G) - Chord changes are very cool. In G. Ebmaj7 or EbM7 picture is in the chart. C/D can be played by barring the 5th fret all strings except the E strings with the finger of your choice. You can also play it by fingering the B string 1st fret and playing the other strings open except the E strings.  Video
Take It Easy
The Mountain

What Is Potluck Players?

Acoustic guitar meetup for players of all abilities and experience. Come and meet friendly, like-minded people to talk, play and learn a few new things, beginners and pro's alike are most welcome. We leave our egos at the door -- it's the music that's the hero.

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